Root of the tree throws itself into deep ground. in total darkness without a single ray of light, it continues to spread endlessly in search of a drop of living water. Only to bear one living fruit.

About D-BRO

About D-BRO

It is an abbreviation for Doalnara Brotherhood Restoration Organization and is an international NGO established with the purpose of helping out African brethren and the mission that we are willing to go anywhere wherever they need help, and with the spirit that mankind are brothers without any discrimination of nationality, racism and religion..


Three Spirits of D-BRO

Our D-BRO will manage transparently, making into public all finances and information, working unsparingly with the spirit of dedication based on unshakable, indomitable will. 

D-BRO Logo


It visualizes the Baobab tree root of Africa that penetrates barren land and manages to bring up water in the midst of all kinds of difficulty.  Especially 5 tree roots represent 5 emphasized projects, while blue clear water that surrounds the root represents the living water that can save Africa