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What is BIG 5 Project?

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In Africa south of Sahara desert with extremly poor food situation, 33 million children suffer from malnutrition today and women walk for 4-5 hours a day in search of water. Nothing can be done about raging AIDS and all kinds of contagious diseases and yet countless children are driven into labor field in order to support their family.

BIG 5 Project is a project we intend to implement centering around 5 major works that need to be called for prior consideration in achieving self sufficiency of African brethren. The idea came from Big 5, which

are the 5 typical wild animals in Af- rica and it consists of 5 desperately needed support work in medical mission, education, food, enlighten- ment, and drinking water.

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BIG Project 1(Buffalo)

Food and Agriculture (Buffalo)

Food shortage problem that repeats each year may have something to do with the systematic problem re- garding land possession in each country and this is something each country needs to solve respectably. D-BRO is an NGO and is commit- ted to work with the emphasis to help out the small farmers so that they can become self-sufficient.

Especially in distributing relief foods to the poor, the kind of administration intended to merely show off without detailed field inspection brings un- reasonable result of not giving any benefit to the neediest poor. D-BRO will do its best to improve this unrea- sonable situation so that neediest people can receive the benefit first.

Project Plan

1. Direct food support to those who are urgently in need of food.

2. Providing jobs through expansion of farm land.
3. Support agricultural equipments to small scale farmers.
4. Giving advanced agricultural technology training.



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BIG Project 2(Lion)

Education (Lion)

The future of Africa depends upon the growing children. However most of academic environment is extremely pitiful and innumerable children cannot even receive that benefit. Classrooms with holes in the wall or students sitting on stone during school lesson due to lack of

desk-chairs are the common scenes we can find in African rural schools. In this kind of situation, talking about textbooks and school supplies is only luxurious talk and they will be fortu- nate if they can go to school without skipping breakfast.

Project Plan

1. Donation of school supplies, textbooks, school uniforms and shoes.

2. Support school lunch to needy children.
3. Donation of educational supplies.
4. Support for expansion and repair of school buildings.

- Principal’s Room of poor quality

- Classroom of poor quality

- Studying in the classroom

- Classroom filled with students

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BIG Project 3(Elephant)

Water (Elephant)

There are 1.8 million children under 5 who die from water related disease each year. Half of all patients throughout the whole world became sick due to polluted water. (UNEP, 2010)

As we see from above UN report the phenomenon of water shortage in today’s global village is already at the dangerous threshold. Africa, among all, is more serious and they are ex- posed to all kinds of top ranking dis- eases including cholera, typhoid, etc. defenselessly. To African brethren

who are drinking from puddle wa- ter polluted with animal excrement along with other animals, another earnest desire of D-BRO is to sup- ply clean water to African brethren so that they can drink without any danger.


Project Plan

1. Installation of wells through tube well project.

2.Supplying clean water to the community through installation of reservoir.

- Reservoir shared by both men and domestic animals
- Worker changing water pipe - Well water using pump

- Machine that makes tube well

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BIG Project 4(Leopard)

Medical Mission (Leopard)

Maximum of 3 million lives were tak- en in 1 year because they could not take malaria medicine in time, which can be bought for just $1. It is difficult to find medical facilities that are prop- erly equipped anywhere in African ru- ral area where Cholera and typhoid is sometimes raging and the in-patient

wards in local small and medium cit- ies reminds us of the field hospital. The scene of two patients sharing one bed regardless of the severity of the patient, describes the actual state of medicine in Africa just as it is.


Project Plan

1. Round Consultation of medical professionals.
2. Donation of Medicines and medical equipments.

3. Establishment and Repair of Hospitals.
4. Donation of mosquito nets for Malaria prevention.

- Hospital in Kitale City

- Physician while treating patient

- Patient in final stage of AIDS

- Twopatientssharingonebed

- Babyandmotherlaborundertheirdiseases

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BIG Project 5(Rhinoceros)

Enlightenment (Rhinoceros)

The most needed part for the African brethren is probably an improved awareness. Among all the problems including health, medical, education and food, as long as there is no re- form in their way of thinking, all the help is nothing more than temporary relief and will endlessly bring vicious cycle of poverty and transmission of disease. All kinds of diseases like

AIDS that are covering up the Afri- can. Continent with the shadow of death and chronic food shortage that shows no sign of solution are the cases that can be improved by all means as long as the African breth- ren are willing to cope with them. D-BRO is seeking for the following ways in order to pursue such enlight- enment movement.


Project Plan

1. Production of video for all kinds of enlightenment.

2. Production and free distribution of pamphlets intended for enlight- enment

- Children exposed unguarded - Child receiving education

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